Peri-implant tissues and crestal bone loss: where are we?

Dr. Paolo Trisi

Maintains a Private Practice in Pescara since 1988

• Graduated of the University of Chieti, Italy

• Dedicated his career to the research in the field of tissue reaction to endosseous biomaterials and bone regeneration

• Founded the "Biomaterials Clinical Research Association"

• Scientific director of the "Biomaterials Clinical Research Association"

• Formerly Assistant Professor at the Dental School of the University of Ancona-Italy

• Assistant Professor at the Dental School of the University of Chieti-Italy

• Member of the Board of Directors of the "Sename" Implantology Association

• Vice-President of the ICOI for Italy

• Cofounder of the ICOI-Italy

• Vice-President of the ICOI-Italy

• Member of the editorial board of the Implant Dentistry Journal

• Active Member of the European Association of Osseintegration

• Author and coauthor of more than 70 papers published in National and International journals

• Lecturer in National and International Congress

Many factors seem to be involved in the maintenance and health of the peri-implant soft tissue and crestal bone level.  

Bone remodeling, biologic width,  implant-abutment connection, bacterial leakage, micromotion at the connection, switching platform, implant micro-texture and macro-geometry, biomechanics are all involved in this critical biologic channel.

The lecture will go through the most relevant studies related to these issues and will present original research by the Author with the most recent results.