The micro and macro aesthetics aspects in advanced implantological surgical procedures

Prof. Gilberto Sammartino

Head of the Dept. of Oral and Maxillofac. Surgery University of Naples “Federico II”

Chief of the School of Oral Surgery, University of Naples “Federico II”

Past President of the Italian Society of Oral Surgery (S.I.d.C.O.)

President of the S.E.N.A.M.E implantology Association

President of the I.C.O.I Italy Association

President Elect of ANTHEC - Academy of Non Transfusional Hemo-components

Co-Chairman of the I.C.O.I Europe Association

Author of more than 200 articles published on national and international journals

Lecturer in national and international courses and conferences

Member of the Editorial Board of different Journals

Referee of  International Scientific Journals

Aesthetics is nowadays a mandatory result in implant dentistry. Its predictability depends on several factors and represents a challenge both for clinicians and patients. An accurate and multidisciplinary approach is needed for a correct low risk treatment planning. The first step is an accurate patient selection, based on the Evidence Based Dentistry reports. Different surgical techniques, ranging from immediate post-extractive implant placement up to major reconstructive surgery, will be described. A correct management of all these procedures is the way to get a successful and aesthetic oral rehabilitation.