"A Look to the future"

Jack T. Krauser DMD


Institution: University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine

Years Attended: 1973-1977

Degree Awarded: D.M.D.

Institution: Boston University, School of Graduate Dentistry- Division of Periodontics

Years Attended: 1977-1979

Certificate: Advanced Dental Standing, Periodontics


Title/ Rank Institution Dates

Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor University of Pittsburgh, 1993-2004 Pennsylvania

Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor Louisiana State University, 1986-1995 Department of Periodontics


Clinical Assistant Professor Nova Southeastern University 1999-Present Davie, Florida

Assistant Professor Department of Oral and 2003-Present MaxillofacialSurgeryUniversity of Miami, Florida

Dr. Krauser published noumerous articles and in 2010 has co-published a book "Dental Implants: The Art and Science", Elsevier. He lectures both nationaly and internationaly on Implant dentistry for the last 30 years and maintains 2 private offices limited in periodontics and implant dentistry in Florida,USA

Certain attributes and protocols have insured the tremendous success of our osseointegrated implants and systems.  There are dogma which change over time as well as new and exciting emerging concepts.  As long as these evolutions are helping the condition of our patients, they are welcomed.  Within this presentation, there will be information describing what may appear as "basic" , such as thread design, surface treatment , the design and nature of the prosthetic platform and connection.    These improvements are, and can actually help our patients as well as our treatment delivery protocols.  Additionally, techniques advances such as flapless surgery and guided protocols can be examined as to the benefit as well as the limitations. Limitations and concerns  such as accuracy and potential less than ideal placement are shown.  This is a clinically based presentation with new biomaterial and biomechanical concepts being demonstrated.