The Peri-implantiti : Is there any treatment for this Implant specific pathology ?

Prof. Jaafar Mouyhi

The long-term predictability of osseointegrated implants has been well documented. Nevertheless, a significant number of early and late complications have also been largely reported . Current hypothesis associates bacterial infection and/or biomechanical overload as etiologic factors of late implant failure. The peri-implant bone destruction observed during the implant maintenance phase (peri-implantitis) has symptomatology similar to that of periodontitis, i.e., redness, increased probing depth, suppuration, radiographic bone loss. The titanium physico-chemical characteristics remain the most important difference.

Various methods have been applied for the treatment of peri-implantitis lesions. It was reported that the procedures used were effective in reducing the inflammatory lesion but re-osseointegration to the once contaminated implant surface was difficult or impossible to achieve. The aim of this lecture is to give some explanations to osseointegration phenomenon in general and to evaluate by mean of scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray induced photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) several chemical and physical techniques mysteriously presented by some studies as successful tools for cleaning of contaminated titanium implants prior to any kind of regeneration procedure. Finally, an original method to treat experimentally induced peri-implantitis lesions will be presented. This method, based on a physico-chemical treatment (Citric Acid, Peroxide and CO2 Laser ) was evaluated by various experimentations; in-vitro, semi in-vivo and in-vivo (rabbit and dog model). These experiments gave us some precious informations about the peri-implantitis high complexity with regards to implants surfaces physico-chemical aspects.

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