Use of PRF in soft and hard tissue healing. Evidence based

Joseph Choukroun MD

Diploma: Medicine 1979. University of Montpellier, France

Anesthesiology 1981. University de Montpellier, France

Study of Pain Management 1986. University of Strasbourg, France

• Chief of Staff: Private Pain therapy Center. 49 Rue Gioffredo, 06000, Nice, FRANCE

• Inventor of the PRF® technique. “Platelet Rich Fibrin” (autologus platelet growths factors) 2000.

• Scientific Board Member of MOA: Medical Oasis Association / Lugano, Swiss. President of the Syfac congress : International Symposium on Growth Factors

• Teachs at universities worldwide about Pain Management in Oral Surgery and Bone Engineering.

• President of the “Syfac congress” the international symposium on growth factors who is organized in Nice since 2003, each 2 years.

The platelet derived growth factors are now routinely utilized in oral surgery and the most frequent questions is: do these products are active both on hard and soft tissue healing ? Are these products constantly active ?

The effectiveness of the growth factors depends on several factors as: protocols, difference between individuals, type of biomaterials used, quality of vasculature, state of the patient health etc.

The use of PRF needs also to be applied specifically as it’s particular for each clinical indication.

This lecture will present how to use the PRF in different indications in oral surgery with the better results.