PRGF-Endoret in implant dentistry

dr. Eduardo Anitua

[ 2003 ] MD Degree in Medicine & Surgery, University of Valencia.

[ 1991 - Now ] Director of the “Continuing education program on Oral Implantology and Rehabilitation“ program given in Spain (Vitoria, Madrid) and various countries throughout the world [Portugal (Lisbon, Porto), Mexico (Monterrey, Mexico DF, Leon and Guanajuato), India (New Delhi, Bombay) Italy (Milan) Iran (Tehran). BTI /Eduardo Anitua Foundation. [

1991 - 1992 ] Professor at the University of Valencia; for the 1991-1992 course, in the Prosthodontics and Stomatology Technology Master.

[ 1987 - 1988 ] Diploma in Prostheses and Occlusion at the Pankey Institute (Florida-USA) in the Advanced Dental Education levels.

[ 1981 - 1983 ] Stomatology Specialist at the University of the Basque Country. [

1979 - 1981 ] Collaborator in the Maxillofacial Surgery and Stomatology Service at the Salamanca Hospital Clínico Universitario.

[ 1973 - 1979 ] MD Degree in Medicine & Surgery, University of Salamanca.Author of seven books on innovative techniques in this specialty subject published in various languages and co-author of another four. Author of more than 60 articles published in national and international journals (TRENDS, PPAD, JOMI, JOI, Clin. Oral Implant Research, Thrombosis and Haemostasis, etc.).

Lecturer at over 500 courses and conferences on Implants, Prostheses and Dental Esthetics at national and international congresses (Europe, the USA, South America and Asia).

Visiting professor at the Odontology Faculty at the universities of Oviedo, Barcelona, Madrid Complutense, Valencia, Catalonia International (UIC), Seville, Madrid Alfonso X El Sabio , Granada and Murcia.

Visiting professor at the Odontology Faculty at the universities of Mexico Intercontinental, Colombia Jaberiana, Argentine Republic (Tucuman and Rosario), Uruguay, Sao Paulo, Portugal (Porto and Lisbon faculties), Italy (Milan), the USA (Pennsylvania, Tufts and Harvard).

Visiting professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of the Basque Country.

Visiting professor for the Health Ministry of Oman.

President of Eduardo Anitua Foundation. Scientific Director of BTI Biotechnology Institute. Private practice in Implantation and Oral Rehabilitation in Vitoria (Spain).

Active member in over 20 prestigious scientific societies, both national and international.

Dr. Anitua will summaries the biology behind the growth factors concentrates

and how this can be easily applied and be used and benefited in the daily

implant practice. Dr. Anitua has been developing and applying this technique

during the last 15 years with good success and follow-up.